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Sandoval Ballot Questions

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Sandoval County Ballot Questions

Hospital Mill Levy

Sandoval County voters will be asked to renew a mil levy on property that supports local hospitals. The levy currently supports Rust Presbyterian Medical Center and the Sandoval Regional Medical Center through contracts with Sandoval County. Under the current contract Rust Presbyterian Medical Center receives 55% of the levy money. Sandoval Regional Medical Center receives 45%.

The mil levy raises about $13.6 million annually. The tax amounts to $212.50 on a property assessed at $150,000.

For the purpose of supporting hospitals in Sandoval County, shall Sandoval County, New Mexico impose a tax levy of four and twenty-five hundredths (4.25) mils each year for eight (8) years, on each dollar of net taxable value of property in Sandoval County to pay to contracting hospitals in accordance with health care facilities contracts?

Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority
bond question

"Shall the Southern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority be authorized to issue its general obligation bonds in principal amount not exceeding $21,000,000 for the extension, betterment, alteration, reconstruction, repair and other improvements of the Authority’s flood control system?"